Studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Silkeborg/Aarhus from 2000 – 2005, and has been teaching and playing music since.


Worked with: Fordd, Buckspeed, various X-Factor + The Voice contestants, Pamela Cortes (EC), Juan Fernando Velasco (EC), El Especial (Ecuadorian TV program), Death to Frank Ziyanak, Kajsa Vala, Howard Francis (UK), Mia Loua, Taft, Patrick AlexanderPeTE.

Musical performances: Bleeding Love (sub), Shubidua The Musical (sub), Showcase, Band on the run (sub).

Currently working with:  Udengrund, Fredericia Teater, Kristian Lilholt (together with Nanna Lüders, Benjamin Koppel and Michala Petri)


Also working as a composer, singer songwriter and studio bass player.